Learn more about what an NFT is and why they’re important

Recently, I have been hearing a TON about NFTs on Clubhouse rooms with people like Meek Mill and Fred Ehrsam (Co-Founder of Coinbase). After hearing about this space, I wanted to learn more and share what I found in my research.

In short, Non-fungible Tokens (or NFTs) are a game-changer for digital collectibles. In this article, I will share what they are, why they are so valuable, and how they are being used in the industry.

List of Cryptokitties, a popular NFT
List of Cryptokitties, a popular NFT
CryptoKitties are a great example of an NFT

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are cryptographic tokens (think like Bitcoin or Ethereum) that represent something of unique value like a piece of art, trading card, or…

Apple had a packed keynote at WWDC and didn’t announce some of their features on stage. Here are some of the best features that they didn’t talk about.

I will be updating this list periodically to include new features that I find from playing with the iOS betas

iOS 10

  • You can now uninstall stock apps. Let me repeat myself, you can get rid of that stupid tips app
  • Bedtime Alarms. The default clock app now includes a sleep tracking feature and sends you notifications of when you should go to bed
  • Raw Photo Support. …

Be an advocate for your users

When you develop a software project, do you understand who you are developing for? Do you understand what that person is interested in? What types of technology does your user have exposure to?

Understanding your users is essential for building a great product. A successful product is one that customers “actually want”.

But how can you build something that people “actually want” without understanding who they are? That’s where Persona Driven Development comes in.

What is a Persona?

A persona is a fictitious person who represents a certain user group within your app. In the context of app development, a persona can represent people…

Starting out in any field is hard. Starting in the Computing Industry seems downright impossible for a beginner.

I mean, there are so many different paths that you could go down. Which part of the stack do you choose to learn? What language is more optimal for my task?

If you’re a beginner answering these questions seems daunting to say the least. Now factor in all the different opinions online on topics like this, and you have a hellish experience. For example, asking someone whether Rails or Django is optimal for building out a simple website starts flame wars. It…

DISCLAIMER: Since this is the first beta/alpha of an unfinished OS, please do not regard this article as a permanent review. Windows Developers could implement features to fix problems that I have stated before the final release. Please cut the developers some slack. They have lives too!

Hi all,

I just downloaded the Windows 10 preview and I just wanted to share some cool new features that I found.

1. Start Screen

Love it or hate it, the start menu is back. and it has some cool new features. First of all, the start menu contains a small section dedicated to the tiles…

I’m starting a new semester of college at Virginia Tech. I’m a junior in Computer Science. I’m also incredibly unproductive because of my habits. This needs to change. Fast.

I’m blogging about the changes that I want to make to my life this semester. I am choosing to keep this info public because it will guilt me into staying productive and hopefully help someone else trying to do the same process.

Here are some problems that I have, and the solutions I am implementing

Estimating and Scheduling homework time

I need to spend time this semester figuring out how much time homework and school projects will take and balance my schedule accordingly.

Here is what my schedule for…

Why do all mobile roads lead back to the Palm Pre?

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the Palm Pre and WebOS. While WebOS has unfortunately been phased out of the mobile space, many of the concepts in WebOS still live on in other Mobile OS’s.

I thought I could go over five concepts/features from WebOS that are still in use today

1. Cards Paradigm

Palm’s multitasking cards paradigm was revolutionary and different. It had a great balance of functionality and design. In comparison, iOS had great design, but lacked functionality. This was way back when iOS didn’t have notification center and had JUST gotten copy and paste along with video recording. On the…

Here’s a hint, it’s not the design 

While many can argue that the design of the 2DS might be off-putting, there is another issue about the budget console that bothers me. The lack of 3D.

Many of you will argue with me that the only reason that this DS could get to it’s low budget price is by taking out the stereoscopic screens, but this leads to stifled innovation.

One of the major selling points of the 3DS is the 3D gameplay. If this feature is taken out, what message does that send to the developers?

To me, this leads Nintendo with two options

  1. the 2DS will…

Or why all notifications are not created equal 

Wearable technology is starting to take off in 2013 and will play a huge part at CES. With devices like the Galaxy Gear, Pebble, and Google Glass, this field is starting to get crowded.

But, most devices are all inherently centered around one purpose.


Most, if not all, of these devices are centered around presenting notifications in a faster way to their users.

But, this won’t work if notifications are not inherently fixed on iOS and Android.

The problem with notifications is that there is no priority or weight to notifications. My Temple Run notification has the same weight as…

Android vs iOs homescreens

Simply put, Android phone manufacturers have little to no economic reason to upgrade your smartphone to the latest version of Android. Because these companies are only invested in phone sales rather than the Android ecosystem, they have no motivation to upgrade your phones.

If you compare the market plans for both Samsung and Apple, you would see that they have very different strategies. Samsung relies on selling by volume rather than ecosystem. This allows Samsung to attack lots of different markets, from low end prepaid phones to premium phones such as their Galaxy S or Note series phones. This is…

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